1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
Roll Call
3. Members of the Public Wishing to be Heard
4. Consent Agenda
1. Approve the agenda
2. Approve the Minutes
3. Minutes of Nov 28, 2017 11:30 AM
4. Schedule next meeting date - 1/17/18
5. Reports
1. Overview of UWSP Nitrate Test Results & Groundwater Quality Management Options for Consideration
documentInformation Item Printout
a. Nitrate Study Info
b. No3 Program Efforts Highlighted
2. Process & Timeframe for Amending the Chippewa County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan
documentInformation Item Printout
a. Process & Timeframe Comprehensive Plan Amendment
3. Overview & Status of Ag Plastic Recycling & Collection Efforts by Private Sector in Chippewa County
documentInformation Item Printout
a. Ag Plastic Powerpoint Presentation 2017 - Dec 20
b. Map of dumpsters
4. Overview and Status of UWEX nEXTGEN Reorganization as it Affects LCFM Service Delivery
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5. Review Preliminary Outline of 2018 Forest & Trails Division Annual Workplan
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a. 2018 Draft Workplan
6. Business Items
1. Clarify Intent & Options to Apply Additional Budgeted Maintenance Funds to Address Unmet Maintenance Needs; Forest & Trails Division
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7. Communication
8. Agenda Items for Future Consideration
9. Adjourn