I. Call To Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence
III. Roll Call
1. Roll Call
IV. Approval Of Agenda
V. Members of the Public Wishing to be Heard
VI. Consent Agenda
1. Approval of Minutes
Minutes of Aug 12, 2014 6:00 PM
2. County Board Chair Appointment - Tax Deeded Land Retention and Sale Committee
documentInformation Item Printout
VII. Reports
A. County Administrator Review and Update
B. Department Reports
1. Department of Human Services 2013 Annual Performance Report - Larry Winter
documentInformation Item Printout
a. Presentation - DHS Performance Report 2013
b. 2013 Annual Report for Website
C. General Reports
1. 2013 Audit Exit Conference - Larsen Allen
a. 2013 Executive Audit Summary Report
VIII. Business Items
1. 10 - 14 : Ordinance to Create Art. III of Chapter 58 to Establish an Annual Vehicle Registration Fee
documentOrdinance Printout
a. Wheel Tax PowerPoint Presentation 07-25-14
b. Ordinance to Create Article III of Chapter 58 to Establish a Vehicle Registration Fee, 2014
c. Wis. Stat., Sec. 341.35, Vehicle Registration Fee
Motion to propose a one-year wheel tax that would include a management change in the Highway Department from top, down.
2. 28 - 14 : Resolution to Deny Claim of Glenn Sarauer
documentResolution Printout
3. 29 - 14 : Resolution to Ratify the Collective Bargaining Agreement Between Chippewa County and the Wisconsin Professional Police Association
documentResolution Printout
b. WPPA 2013-2105 Appendix A
c. WPPA 2013-2105 Appendix B
4. 30 - 14 : Resolution to Create Public Health Aide Position in the Department of Public Health to do Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Outreach Activities
documentResolution Printout
a. Public Health Aide PAC Form
5. 31 - 14 : Resolution to Establish Health Insurance Plans and Premiums for 2015
documentResolution Printout
6. 32 - 14 : Resolution to Approve Changes to the Long Term Disability Insurance and Life Insurance Plans
documentResolution Printout
7. 33 - 14 : Resolution to Approve Levy for PFP Salary Adjustments in 2015
documentResolution Printout
a. PFP 2015 Recommended Pay Allocation Grid
b. PFP Overall Scores for Costing 2014
IX. Communication
1. Update on Blaine Kvapil Claim against the County - Connie Goss
X. Adjourn