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Annual Review of ATV Routes - Paul Krumenauer, CVATVC


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  1. Annual ATV Route Review

Meeting History

Dec 20, 2017 8:00 AM  Highway Committee Regular Meeting

Paul Krumenauer with the Chippewa Valley ATV Council was in attendance as part of the annual review of ATV routes that is required by the County ordinance. Kelley showed on the map where the existing and proposed County highway ATV routes are located. Kelley and Krumenauer discussed the work that is underway at the ATV Advisory Committee in order to speed up the review process and minimize staff time. Changes to route application and review fees are also being discussed. Currently the ATV Advisory Committee is a subcommittee of the Executive Committee. Once the ATV Advisory Committee recommends approval of the route requests, they get forwarded to Highway Committee for input, then approved by Executive Committee and County Board. The goal would be to update the ordinance so that items can be reviewed by staff and approved through the Highway Committee and County Board to make the process quicker.

Supervisor Sikorski suggested a CVATVC contact list be sent to each of the town chairs in case

of an ATV issue.