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Vegetation Management Plan - Brian Kelley


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  1. County Highway Brushing Schedule

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Dec 20, 2017 8:00 AM  Highway Committee Regular Meeting

Kelley reviewed the County’s newly-created roadside brushing map. The County highway system will be brushed on a 4-year rotation. Kelley advised that they are also looking to purchase two rear-offset mowers to mow a wider pass with each mowing tractor. Supervisor Sikorski questioned the mowing of the intersections and Kelley stated that intersections may need to be mowed once/year or more in order to provide good site vision. Supervisor Sikorski asked if abandoned cattle fencing is an issue when it comes to the brushing and if there was an approach for the removal of the fencing if it was indeed not being used to make the brushing easier. Supervisor Hartman stated that old crop fences sometimes help keep farmers from planting crops too far into the right-of-way, which can be a problem also.