Chippewa County

09 - 17

Resolution to Support Continued Federal Funding of the Essential Air Service Program


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Financial Impact

Fiscal Impact is a minimum annual reduction of $350,000 in airport revenue if EAS is eliminated.

ORD/RES Printout

WHEREAS, President Donald Trump’s FY18 Budget proposes eliminating funding for the Essential Air Service (EAS) program, which provides funding for airline service to the Chippewa Valley; and


WHEREAS, EAS is a federal program enacted to guarantee air service to small communities in the United States, served by certified airlines prior to airline deregulation to maintain a minimal level of scheduled air service that otherwise would not be profitable; and


WHEREAS, the EAS program provides access to the national air transportation system in 173 communities in 36 states; and


WHEREAS, approximately 30% of the airports in the United States are receiving airline service under the EAS program; and


WHEREAS, the EAS program is user fee funded with a portion of the funds coming from aviation overflight fees with the remaining funds coming from the Aviation Trust Fund, which is funded through aviation user fees; and


WHEREAS, access to the national transportation system for scheduled air service through the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport is essential for attracting and maintaining businesses to the Chippewa Valley and for promoting economic development; and


WHEREAS, currently the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport has daily scheduled airline service to Chicago; and


WHEREAS, the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport served 43,578 total passengers in 2016; and


WHEREAS, loss of scheduled air service will negatively impact the ability of the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport to support private and business aircraft operations since the amount of user fee funded capital improvements the airport receives is tied to the number of passenger enplanements; and


WHEREAS, if the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport drops below 10,000 passengers per year, the Federal Aviation Administration funding for airport capital improvements will drop from $1 million per year to $150,000 per year; and


WHEREAS, air passengers utilizing the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport in 2014 spent $4.3 million and supported 70 additional jobs in the Chippewa Valley, with a payroll of $1.3 million; and


WHEREAS, the direct effect of the airport on the Chippewa Valley economy in 2014 totaled 157 employees, a payroll of $7.8 million and $41.6 million in economic output;



NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Chippewa County County Board of Supervisors does hereby support continued federal funding for the EAS program; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Chippewa County Board of Supervisors directs the County Clerk to forward this resolution to President Donald Trump, Congressmen Ron Kind and Sean Duffy, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson, Governor Scott Walker, and the Wisconsin Counties Association.


Forwarded to the County Board by the Economic Development Committee.


Meeting History

May 3, 2017 4:30 PM  Economic Development Committee Regular Meeting

Zich explained that Congress created the Essential Air Service program back in the 1980's to ensure small communities retained air service after de-regulation. They had not received any funding prior to 2010, but since 2010 their air carrier was receiving funding through the EAS program. The program supports 30% of the airports in the country, and it is user fee funded through aviation user fees. They are asking the Board to consider supporting this resolution to support continued funding of the EAS program.

MOVER:Kari Ives, District 12
SECONDER:Tom Thornton, District 5
AYES:Steve Gerrish, Dean Gullickson, Tom Thornton, Jason Bergeron, Kari Ives
May 9, 2017 6:00 PM  County Board Regular Meeting

Motion (Hull/Ives) to adopt Resolution 9-17 Resolution to Support Continued Funding of the Essential Air Service Program. Carried by Roll Call. All Supervisors present voting Aye. Adopted on 5-9-2017.

MOVER:Chuck Hull, District 14
SECONDER:Kari Ives, District 12
AYES:Anson Albarado, Florian Skwierczynski, Harold Steele, Glen Sikorski, Matthew Hartman, Tom Thornton, Jason Bergeron, Dean Gullickson, Lawrence J. Willkom, Kari Ives, Annette Hunt, Chuck Hull, Leigh Darrow
EXCUSED:Jared Zwiefelhofer, Steve Gerrish