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58 - 17

Res. 58 - 17: Resolution to Amend County Administrator Employment Agreement


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Financial Impact

The fiscal impact by passage of this resolution and amendment to the County Administrator Employment Agreement is unknown at this time as it is unclear when the next County Administrator will commence employment with Chippewa County and what the salary for 2018 will be. However, money was budgeted in the 2018 County Administrator's Budget to cover some of the costs of transition and it is anticipated that there are sufficient funds to cover the financial impact of this resoluiton in 2018.

ORD/RES Printout


WHEREAS, Chippewa County Administrator Frank R. Pascarella began employment with Chippewa County on January 23, 2012; and


WHEREAS, Mr. Pascarella’s original employment agreement was extended by the County Board on December 11, 2012, for a period of three years from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2015; and


WHEREAS, the third and current employment agreement was executed on June 17, 2015,  commenced on January 1, 2016, and is due to terminate on December 31, 2017 after Mr. Pascarella chose not to request an extension of the agreement; and


WHEREAS, the Executive Committee is in the process of recruiting for a new County Administrator to replace Mr. Pascarella and the Committee plans to bring a resolution to the January 10, 2018 County Board meeting with the person that the Committee recommends for hire; and


WHEREAS, assuming that the next County Administrator will not commence employment with Chippewa County until at least mid-February 2018,  the Executive Committee is recommending that Mr. Pascarella’s current employment agreement be extended through February 2018 to cover the vacancy in the County Administrator position from the end of 2017 to the end of February 2018; and


WHEREAS, extending the current employment agreement through February 28, 2018 will also allow Mr. Pascarella the opportunity to assist with the transition and to provide some orientation for the new County Administrator; and


WHEREAS, the attached “AMENDMENT TO COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT” will extend the current employment agreement through February 28, 2108 with all other terms and conditions remaining in full force and effect;


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the attached “AMENDMENT TO COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT” is hereby approved and County Board Chair Anson Albarado is authorized to sign the Agreement on behalf of Chippewa County; and


              Recommended for Approval by the Executive Committee.


Meeting History

Nov 14, 2017 4:00 PM  Executive Committee Regular Meeting

Gerrish stated that considering where we are at with the recruitment process and the fact this County Board hasn’t enacted the succession plan, he recommends we keep our current County Administrator on until the end of February to help with the interim.

Skwierczynski disagreed and commented that the County hired a County Clerk, Finance Director and HR Director without a transition plan so he feels the County should be able to manage without an Administrator during the interim.

Albarado disagreed with that comment and explained that in the past when the County didn’t have an Administrator to help during the interim the HR Director and Corporation Counsel were appointed to make those decisions during that timeframe. He stated the County is looking at a transition of at least two months and he doesn’t think it’s fair to put that responsibility on those two individuals because they have enough work to do. Albarado doesn’t understand who the contact person will be for all the issues that come up during the interim without having someone that has the authority to make decisions. Albarado doesn’t want to take this resolution to the full County Board unless the full Executive Committee is in agreement to support this.

Albarado asked Skwierczynski how he sees things running over the next couple months if Pascarella isn’t here. Skwierczynski sees it running like it does any other months. He thinks that staff handle the day to day operations quiet well and he doesn’t think a month or two is that big of a deal. He’s sure there was a period of time before when there wasn’t an administrator. He is also concerned financially. He knows there were funds put into the budget but he doesn’t think it should be spent on this.

Pascarella explained that his goal is to make for a smooth transition between administrators and maintain some continuity for the departments. During any given day he addresses a variety of items including personnel issues, signs contracts, PAC forms, negotiations, puts together items that need to be addressed with the County Board, provides guidance to the departments and assists them with performing their duties, and economic development initiatives along with many other duties. He stated that this shouldn’t be turned into a political controversy. Pascarella thinks there will probably be about 8-13 days of overlap with the timing.

Sikorski and Gerrish feel the County should take advantage of having Pascarella around to help over the next two months and allow for an opportunity to hand off information to the next person. Gerrish commented that most companies don’t want to go without an administrator if they don’t have to. He believes the County needs to have a plan and this committee has failed to come up with a better interim plan.

The committee discussed whether to move the resolution forward to the County Board without a unanimous vote. Sikorski feels strongly they should look out for the good of the County and there should be an overlap. Skwierczynski commented the committee outlined what they want in a perfect administrator and asked the consultant to bring them a candidate. His concern is that two administrators will be here at the same time and he doesn’t want their opinions to clash. He thinks we should break clean and have a fresh start.

MOVER:Glen Sikorski, District 2
SECONDER:Steve Gerrish, District 10
AYES:Anson Albarado, Glen Sikorski, Steve Gerrish
NAYS:Florian Skwierczynski
ABSENT:Jared Zwiefelhofer
Dec 12, 2017 6:00 PM  County Board Regular Meeting

Res. 58 -17 defeated.

Motion by Supervisor Sikorski

Second by Supervisor Hull

6 Yes's - Albarado, Steele, Sikorski, Gullickson, Gerrish and Hull

8 No's - Skwierczynski, Hartman, Zwiefelhofer, Thornton, Bergeron, Willkom, Ives, Hunt

County Board Chair Albarado explained that he was the one that asked Mr. Pascarella to extend contract for 2 months as he didn't want to add to Corporation Counsel and HR Director's duties. Supervisor Albarado asked the Board to put aside their differences to have a seamless transition for the next County Administrator.

MOVER:Glen Sikorski, District 2
SECONDER:Chuck Hull, District 14
AYES:Anson Albarado, Harold Steele, Glen Sikorski, Dean Gullickson, Steve Gerrish, Chuck Hull
NAYS:Florian Skwierczynski, Matthew Hartman, Jared Zwiefelhofer, Tom Thornton, Jason Bergeron, Lawrence J. Willkom, Kari Ives, Annette Hunt
ABSENT:Leigh Darrow