Chippewa County

09 - 16

Resolution to Authorize Joint Participation in an Agricultural Enterprise Area Petition


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Financial Impact

The Agricultural Enterprise Area will be established to preserve the agricultural land base necessary to maintain productive working farms, agricultural processing facilities and associated agricultural enterprises. Direct costs to Chippewa County will be limited to those expenses incurred in servicing eligible farms that choose to enter farmland preservation agreements. These costs will be incurred by the Department of Land Conservation and Forest Management in providing farm conservation planning and technical assistance required to administer the state NR 151 agricultural performance standards for soil erosion, nutrient management and runoff pollution control. Direct costs will be offset by a $375 program application fee to eligible farms that enter a Farmland Preservation Agreement.

ORD/RES Printout

              WHEREAS, agricultural production, agricultural processing, and associated enterprises provide significant contributions to the economy of Chippewa County; and


              WHEREAS, Chapter 91 of the Wisconsin Statutes establishes the legal framework to preserve farmland in Wisconsin; and


              WHEREAS, Subchapter VI of Chapter 91 authorizes the establishment of Agricultural Enterprise Areas (AEA’s), as a mechanism to preserve agricultural land, and support agricultural development; and


              WHEREAS, Wis. Stats., § 91.86(2) and (3), establish a petition process and submission requirements through which owners of eligible farms may petition the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) to establish an AEA; and


              WHEREAS, pursuant to Wis. Stats., § 91.86(2), all political subdivisions in which a proposed AEA is located must jointly file the petition for the AEA with DATCP; and


              WHEREAS, agricultural producers with eligible farms located in the Towns of Goetz and Arthur in Chippewa County have filed a proper petition meeting the statutory requirements for an AEA designation; and


              WHEREAS, the Chippewa County Farmland Preservation Plan from August 1985 and the Chippewa County Comprehensive Plan from January 2011 establish the goals and policies for the protection and preservation of agricultural land in Chippewa County; and


              WHEREAS, the Department of Planning and Zoning and the Department of Land Conservation and Forest Management have reviewed the petition as filed and have determined that the petition, if approved, will support the County’s stated goals of farmland preservation and economic development; and


              WHEREAS, the planned AEA boundary will encompass all of the Town of Goetz and a portion of the Town of Arthur; 


              WHEREAS, this resolution was originally approved by the County Board on April 21, 2105, but the petition was subsequently denied by the State of Wisconsin on the grounds that the applicants did not document a high enough density of farms located within the boundary that had signed onto the petition; and


              WHEREAS, the petitioners are now resubmitting the application along with a revised map that is attached;


              NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Chippewa County Board of Supervisors hereby agrees to join in the petition to establish an Agricultural Enterprise Area covering all of the Town of Goetz and a portion of the Town of Arthur in Chippewa County, as shown on the attached map ; and


              BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the County Administrator is hereby authorized to sign the petition for the AEA as the designated representative of Chippewa County.


              Forwarded to the County Board by the Land Conservation and Forest Management Committee.

Meeting History

Feb 17, 2016 8:15 AM  Land Conservation & Forest Management Committee Regular Meeting

D. Masterpole presented and the Committee reviewed the following material:

1. Resolution titled: Resolution to Authorize Joint Participation in an Agricultural Enterprise Area

Petition, (copy on file & attached).

2. Map of the revised Cadott Agricultural Enterprise Area which includes all of the Town of Goetz

and a portion of the Town of Arthur (copy on file & attached).

L. Danielson addressed the Committee. He explained the procedures used to determine landowner interest in the AEA expansion and to establish the AEA boundary.

There was general discussion. Discussion focused on:

1. The revised AEA petition and boundary.

2. The annual (per acre) administrative fees that were previously proposed in the initial petition

and the changes to the current petition that removes those fees.

Motion to approve the Resolution to Authorize Joint Participation in an Agricultural Enterprise Area: Stimeling/Leisz.

Roll call vote: Leisz - Aye, Pingel - Aye, Goettl - Aye, Stimeling - Aye, Sikorski - Aye, McIlquham - Aye.

Motion carried.

MOVER:Bill Stimeling, District 1
SECONDER:Mike Leisz, District 13
AYES:Michael A. Goettl, Glen Sikorski, Bill Stimeling, Lee Mcllquham, Mike Leisz, James Pingel
Mar 8, 2016 7:00 PM  County Board Regular Meeting

Motion (Goettl/Leisz) to adopt resolution 09-16 to Authorize Joint Participation in Agricultural Enterprise Area Petition . Motion carried (14-0) with Supervisor Sikorski abstaining.

MOVER:Michael A. Goettl, District 7
SECONDER:Mike Leisz, District 13
AYES:Paul Michels, Henry Shakal, Bill Stimeling, Jared Zwiefelhofer, Lee Mcllquham, Michael A. Goettl, Anson Albarado, Lawrence J. Willkom, Steve Gerrish, Florian Skwierczynski, Doug Ellis, Mike Leisz, Chuck Hull, Leigh Darrow
ABSTAIN:Glen Sikorski