Chippewa County

02 - 16
Adopted as Amended
Mar 8, 2016 7:00 PM

Ordinance to Amend 2-31(d) to Revise Frequency of Committee Meetings


Department:Corporation Counsel DivisionSponsors:

Financial Impact

There is no fiscal impact to Chippewa County by passage of this ordinance amendment.

ORD/RES Printout

1.              That section 2-31(d) of the Chippewa County Code of Ordinances be Amended to read as follows:


(d) Committees.


(1) County Board Standing Committees enumerated. The following committees of the County Board are authorized pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 59.13(1). The purpose and duty of each committee shall be to act as an advisory and policy oversight body for their respective departments. Members of the following committees shall be County Board members appointed by the County Board chair in consultation with the 1st Vice-Chair. The frequency of meetings shall be as indicated or at the discretion of the committee chair.


a. Executive.


b. Facilities and Parks (bi-monthly meetings).


c . Legal and Law Enforcement (bi-monthly quarterly meetings).


d. Planning and Zoning.


e. Highway (bi-monthly meetings).


f. Agricultural and Extension (bi-monthly meetings).


g. Economic Development (monthly quarterly meetings).

2.              That this Ordinance amendment shall take effect after publication on April 1, 2016.


Forwarded to the County Board by the Executive Committee.



Meeting History

Jan 26, 2016 4:00 PM  Executive Committee Regular Meeting

Pascarella met with the Legal & Law Enforcement Committee and brought this to their attention. There was no response to it at that time. Since then he talked to the DA and the Sheriff and neither of them had an issue with a quarterly meeting because if there is an issue at any time the committee can call a special meeting.

Albarado wondered why the EDC meetings aren’t changed to quarterly meetings. Michels shared some comments from Supervisor Ellis who pointed out there could possibly be eight new County Board Supervisors and he would like the County Board to wait a year so the new members can get a better understanding of the roles are before making the change. Albarado thinks the new members will pick it up pretty quickly. Leisz feels if the committee doesn’t need to meet every two months the meeting will be cancelled. Michels stated it’s important to have this determined when going into the reorganization of the County Board to make sure supervisors have an equal number of member meetings. Frion commented in relation to the EDC meeting, when the meeting has to be cancelled the day before because there is no response to agenda items it doesn’t make the county look very good. Moving forward the county should adhere to the deadlines for putting out the agenda. Pascarella expressed concerns with current Legal & Law Enforcement meetings because generally there is no information available in the agenda packet prior to the meeting and that makes it difficult for committee members to prepare for the meeting and staff do not know if they should attend to address a matter or not.

MOVER:Mike Leisz, District 13
SECONDER:Henry Shakal, District 5 (Vice-Chair)
AYES:Paul Michels, Henry Shakal, Jared Zwiefelhofer, Anson Albarado, Mike Leisz
Feb 9, 2016 7:00 PM  County Board Regular Meeting

Ordinance 02-16 to amend 2-31(d) to revise frequency of committee meetings was read into the record.

Motion (Ellis/Shakal) to postpone until the June County Board meeting. Motion failed by tie vote.

Mar 8, 2016 7:00 PM  County Board Regular Meeting

Motion (Leisz/Stimeling) to amend frequency for the Legal & Law Committee Meeting to bi-monthly. Motion carried (10-5) with Supervisors Michels, Goettl, Willkom, Gerrish and Hull voting nay.

Motion (Albarado/Stimeling) to adopt Ordinance 02-16 to amend 2-31(d) to Revise Frequency of Committee Meetings. Motion carried as amended (10-5) with Supervisors Shakal, Goettl, Willkom, Gerrish and Hull voting nay.

Supervisor Skwierczynski stated that by having the committee meetings at least bi-monthly, it helps the new Supervisors become familiar with the departments that report to the committee.

MOVER:Anson Albarado, District 8
SECONDER:Bill Stimeling, District 1
AYES:Henry Shakal, Bill Stimeling, Glen Sikorski, Jared Zwiefelhofer, Lee Mcllquham, Anson Albarado, Florian Skwierczynski, Doug Ellis, Mike Leisz, Leigh Darrow
NAYS:Paul Michels, Michael A. Goettl, Lawrence J. Willkom, Steve Gerrish, Chuck Hull