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County Clerk 2015 Budget Review


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Meeting History

Aug 5, 2014 4:00 PM  Executive Committee Regular Meeting

Pascarella explained there are no substantial changes in this budget.

Leisz stated he talked to Frion about expanding the passport service by taking the photos to make it more efficient for the public and he wanted to know if that was included in the budget. Frion stated that she talked to Pascarella about this and right now it's not approved. She explained with the Eau Claire Post Office closing she foresees an increase. For her office to provide this service they would need to buy a printer and paper. She already has the camera. They brought in $30,000 last year and processed almost 1,200 passports. She doesn't expect to make a lot of money with this, but rather provide a convenient service to the public. Frion doesn’t anticipate this taking her staff any more time than currently allocated. She is working with St. Croix County on how they handle this but hasn’t had time yet to practice in her office to determine how much time would be needed.

Pascarella explained his logic for not addressing this was to provide consistency for all departments and this would be an expansion of a service. What and when should we compete with the private sector? If we do this for all departments what impact will it have on the overall County operations? Frank is open to hear what the committee wants.

Michels stated if this was put out to the public he believes they would want a one stop shop. Shakal and Albarado both agreed with Michels to consider the request.