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County Administrator 2015 Budget Review




  1. CA Budget 07-11-14

Meeting History

Aug 5, 2014 4:00 PM  Executive Committee Regular Meeting

Pascarella stated the budget is consistent with last year. He continued to budget the $56,382 for contracted services instead of looking at a full time HR position at this time.

Leisz expressed concerns with contracting out for the HR services and wondered if that is the most effective way vs. hiring a HR Generalist. Pascarella explained the HR Generalist is a more efficient way. It allows the HR Director to prioritize her time, it allows more resources to assist with training our employees on PFP, etc. and he believes more work would get done with a permanent position because there is more flexibility. However, the downside is there will be some addition to the levy to fund the position due to health insurance. If the committee is interested Pascarella could bring back a proposal at the 8/26 meeting.

Malayna explained they held on the Manpower advertising contract for a couple different reasons. The contracted services would be for a very specific reason and there isn't any flexibility with assigning other tasks that need to be completed. If the HR Generalist was brought on then some of the contracted services dollars would be eliminated and used toward the FTE. Currently the dollars for contracted services are used for both specific projects and daily HR programs. However the bulk of the contracted service dollars are for ongoing projects.

Leisz stated he would like to see a review of this and see some other options. Shakal thinks it's something we can look into but not if this position is going to be more costly over a period of time than what the contracted services are going to cost us. Michels referred to the HR LEAN review that showed there are 4,171 hours of work required vs. 3,055 hours of available staff time. He feels this should be reviewed again. Zwiefelhofer and Albarado both agreed this should be looked at again. Pascarella will bring something to the next meeting for consideration.